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Help build next year's education program!

When it comes to our education program, the pages of INSTORE magazine are our inspiration. But the desire to help jewelers be their best is our motivation. And to help us achieve that, we'd like to know what you want to learn in 2015!

Why You Need a Pig in Your Window

Bob Phibbs, aka “The Retail Doctor,” opened The SMART Show today with an exciting keynote session that had plenty of take-aways for retailers. Read on for tips on merchandising, marketing, sales and ... pigs.

Motivating Millennial-generation Employees

Millennials are completely different from the Baby Boomer bosses who hire them, not to mention Boomer customers. In a special bonus lunch session, keynote speaker Bob Phibbs gave INSTORE's Cool Stores advice for creating a work environment that motivates Millennials and keeps the Boomers comfortable.
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Motivating Millennial-generation Employe…

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